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ins_debDeb trained her first dog, a border-collie mix, in the late 1970s as a member of Boone County 4-H. She returned to dog training in the late 1990s, first in obedience and then in other dogs sports. Today, she has trained multiple dogs (a Border Collie, a Belgian Sheepdog, a Belgian Tervuren and three Golden Retrievers) to high-level titles in several dog sports, including agility, obedience, rally, tracking and hunting/retrieving.

Before returning to the Indianapolis area, Deb lived in the Columbus, Ohio, area where she was fortunate to train with some of the best agility instructors in the country. She has taken numerous camps and seminars with Linda Mecklenberg of Awesome Paws and continues her education with seminars and private lessons with Jennifer Crank of Incredipaws.

Deb has bachelors’ degrees in animal science and agricultural communications, spending her professional career in public relations and communications. In her spare time, she trains her dogs and teaches others to do the same. No matter what sport she is teaching, her passion is training solid foundation skills on which advanced training is built leading to greater accomplishments. She also believes dog training is a team sport where both dog and handler work together to achieve success.

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