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Alice Cinotto Seminars – 2023

Seminars will be limited to 6 students. With this reduced class size you will still receive the same amount of instructional time and runs as you would if there were 12 students for 8 hours. Current COVID precautions will be followed.

Working — $150 | Auditing — $30

Solving Performance and Motivation Issues & Conquering Ring Stress (All dogs who can focus and work with their handlers) Alice will work to solve problems, increase motivation, relieve stress and improve performance. Take home ways to deal with whatever is holding team back. Then afterwards you will be able to use, practice and ultimately solidify the dog’s understanding and newly acquired behaviors.
The Three “C's” of Agility Handling
Commitment: Handlers will learn to get their dog to take unwavering responsibility for taking the line the handler sets or the obstacle the handler indicates
Communication: Handlers will learn to choose the position, motion, and handling maneuver that tells the dog where to go and how to proceed
Connection: Handlers and dogs learn to pay uninterrupted attention to each other
Please complete one form for each dog and for each seminar. Enrollment first received for up to 2 dogs and/or 3 seminars. Enrollments confirmed only with completed enrollment form and payment, NO REFUNDS. I will share if I have a wait list but you will be responsible for finding a replacement and receiving payment from your replacement.
Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS unless as determined by Pawsitive Partners to generate refunds. If refunds are processed, they will be minus any merchant processing fees.

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