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We offer a variety of obedience training classes, puppy classes for dogs younger than 9 months, basic obedience for all dogs whose owners want well mannered dogs, competition obedience classes for those wanting to compete and Rally Obedience classes again for those wanting to compete in AKC Rally Obedience trials. Please refer to the obedience training center pages of this web site for additional information, class schedule and enrollment forms.


OBEDIENCE Training Area

  • Newly renovated and remodeled
  • 4,000 square foot obedience training area
  • Non-slip 3/8” rubber matted obedience training area
  • Two fully gated obedience rings—One Utility/Rally ring and one Novice/Open ring
  • 4’ and 5’ obedience training/practice jumps
  • Full set of competition ready Acme obedience equipment/jumps

AGILITY Training Area

  • 1,100 square foot agility training area
  • Artificial turf with rubber infill slip-resistant running surface
  • Equipment for learning the fundamentals of agility
  • Equipment to introduce puppies to a variety of surfaces and sensations

INDY K-9 Grooming

  • Renovated and updated grooming salon
  • Bathing area customized for the dog’s comfort
  • Drying options for even the most sensitive dogs
  • Comfortable crates for all sized dogs
  • Everything needed to create a practical but beautiful style for your dog

Obedience Training Center

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